As I write this blog post on my internet-less laptop, in my dark living room, water continues to pour down from the sky. Last night there was more rain in Toronto than in 31 years! Lucky me, was stuck at the airport coming back from my S-trip to the Dominican Republic for two additional hours, not to mention the hour long car ride home (which is usually 4 minutes!) But what is the cause of all this rain? Is it global warming creating an excess of potentially rain fall? Shifting climate zones? Could it simply be chance? It is uncertain, however, this should very well be taken as a sign that our dependence and over use of technology is creating a few problems. Whether these problems stem from using to much energy or relying too heavily on it, there are certainly problems in how we use technology today. This is similar to my platform which encourages  youth to engage in physical activity and not virtually! However, the damage can not be undone and Toronto has been hit hard. My internet is not up and so I do not know when I will be able to post this. I am a tad stressed out right now to be completely honest. As I mentioned, I was away in Dominican for the past week and so I have a few forms to complete and submit and preparatory tasks as well. I am very nervous and excited for the competition, and so my nerves are even worse right now knowing I have over due forms! Oh goodness… At least knowing that I have just a few more days until competition is able to perk me up. I am so excited to compete for such an amazing title. A title that stands for such beautiful things like hard work, community, kindness, camaraderie, and CANADA! It is so easy to underappreciate how fortunate we are to live in Canada. I realized this when I landed in Dominican, a third world country. It broke my heart seeing starving stray dogs, poorly constructed and claustrophobic buildings. I feel so fortunate to be back home, and hey- thinking about how lucky I am to have a safe home makes dealing with this storm a lot easier. Always remember to be thankful. 🙂

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