Imagine a herd of buffalo, stampeding through the wild; they run together and for a purpose. It is quite a majestic and inspiring sight. Well yesterday, I was in a herd of my own as I participated in the 10K Run for Kid’s With Cancer in downtown Toronto, and without a doubt, this was one of the best things I have done in my life.

Why was it so awesome? Well…

1.The sights were incredible!

Never had I ever seen such a large mass of people running in one direction. I made sure to take a lot of mental pictures because it was quite a sight. It was also really neat to run down Yonge St. in the middle of the road. It is usually jam packed with cars and people but it was completely empty for all of us runners. Not to mention, all the buildings and skyscrapers made for an awesome view throughout the run.

2. The energy was so positive!

Having a huge group of about 24,000 people all running together for a cause is so beautiful. Everyone had inspirational messages on their backs to motivate the runners behind them, and they sure worked! At one point, I felt tired and contemplated walking for a minute. Then, I saw a sign, “Keep going! You can do it!” and I did it! Not to mention, friends and family members were everywhere along the way cheering everybody on to continue and push hard. It wonderful to see everybody encouraging eachother. It felt like all the runners together made up a new family, one of complete strangers, yet one so loving and supportive.

3. I had a goal, and I reached it!

Almost at the finish line!

When I first signed up for the race, I was a little unsure of how 10K would go. Until then, I had only run about 6K at most and that took me about 40 minutes each time. Training, and strengthening my muscles proved to be quite effective because I completed the entire race in 51 minutes and 18 seconds! It felt amazing to know I had done something that I was unsure of at the beginning and that it was for such a wonderful cause. I felt overwhelmingly proud when I crossed the finish line and can’t wait to feel that pride again.

After finishing the run! (yes- fanny packs are still cool)

So to summarize, I loved this run because while enjoying sights that left me in awe, and receiving positive encouragement from strangers, I was able to surpass a goal I had set for myself. If not the best thing I have done, or the best feeling I have ever experienced, it was definitely one of the best!

Push yourself to be the best you possibly can!


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