Like a lot of other people my age, I’m beginning to say goodbye to everything that I know and am starting a new chapter in my life. Despite the excitement that this may bring, it is also instilling a lot of sadness, nostalgia and fear in my heart.


What’s grade 12 without PROM?! My friend Andrew and I at one of the two prom’s I attended this year

High school was quite honestly the best 4 years of my life. I remember shaking my head and throwing out sarcastic remarks whenever someone would tell me that four years go by faster than you would ever imagine and most definitely forgot to appreciate a lot of the little things as they passed me by. Sitting her now, as a 2015 high school graduate, I realize how good I really did have it. From all of the shows I was fortunate enough to be apart of, to the amazing teachers who took the time to get to know me and all of those friendships I formed from day one, high school could not have been any more perfect for me.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you, “Michela’s most memorable high school experiences”

  1. Grade 11 Environmental Science:

This class is the reason that I’m perusing a post-secondary education in Environmental Studies. My teacher was incredibly engaging and really made me find a true passion for the environment. Since taking this class, I’m much more aware of world issues and have changed some aspects of my life.

  1. The Inside Ride
Team Mean Girls

Team Mean Girls

Every year, my school would host a fundraiser called The Inside Ride; which is an indoor biking event that both raises money and advocates for childhood cancer. One year, my team mimicked the popular movie Mean Girls and won top team fundraiser! I also won top female fundraiser two years in a row!

  1. Cafe Cookies/ Pie Shop

Let me explain this to you….

In grade 9, my high school was located in the middle of nowhere. If you wanted to go out for lunch, your only option was the pie shop and apple orchard a few km down the road, or you were forced to satisfy your craving through buying cafe cookies that some how looked awful, but tasted amazing!! This meant you and your friends would literally buy an entire pie, grab a couple forks and share it on the walk back to school (because if you sit to eat it, there is NO way you’re making it back on time). These younger generations are lucky because there has been quite the amount of urbanization over the past 4 years, but I’m content with the experiences my middle-of-no-where school gave me and wouldn’t have wanted to have it any other way.

  1. Hurry Up Music

As a member of the announcements team from grades 10-12, I had the pleasure of taking requests and watching people jam out in the mornings when hearing their favorite songs. But prior to being on the team, I remember how amazing it felt to have the school blast music before classes. If you were tired, frustrated or ready for the day to be over, the hurry up music had a way of energizing you and making you want to be there. Being a regional arts school, we even got to celebrate some of our many talented students by hearing original songs. No one judges your dancing or lip-synching, because, well, everyone’s doing it!

  1. The People

Alessandra & I at Graduation

Entering a school full of brand new faces, I thought it would be impossible to make new friends. Afraid to even sit in the cafeteria for the first two weeks of school, making friends didn’t seem to be going too well. But surprise, surprise, because high school is where I met some of my greatest supporters! Alessandra D. is someone I met within the first month and has stuck with me ever since. We know each other inside and out and I’m so grateful to have her. More like a sister, I don’t know what I would have done without her. It was also amazing to have such great teachers. One teacher stuck out the most… Mrs. Freitas. Often confused as a student herself, TreyFrey truly got to know me and was there through my highs and lows. Weather it be a last minute photocopy or a social issue, Mrs. Freitas was always there. She truly did make an impact on my life and I know for a fact that I will be visiting her in the future.

  1. The Drama Program
My drama family & I in NYC! One of my favourite memories!

My drama family & I in NYC! One of my favourite memories!

I get emotional even bringing this up. Being apart of the Regional Art’s Drama Program for 4 years means more to me than words will ever be able to describe. Over the years, we pulled together as a family countless times and proved that despite our differences, we all shared a love for the theatre and for each other. This year was the year of lasts. Out last drama night, last monologue, last drama trip, last everything. I’m honored to have shared the stage for the last time alongside my best friend, Alessandra. I’m thankful for the roles I was given in our last drama night. I’m saddened to know that at graduation, I braced the stage for the last time. The drama program is what shaped me into the person that I am today. I wouldn’t for a second doubt the choice I made to attend this school, and will hold these memories close to my heart forever. Once a drama kid, always a drama kid.

Mrs Frietas; my life changing drama teacher

Mrs Frietas; my life changing drama teacher & I at my own prom

In September, I’m moving on to a new adventure. I will be studying Environmental Studies and Theatre at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. My goal is to create just as many amazing memories, but not leave these ones behind. I hope to join the cheerleading team, theatre performances and whatever social justices teams are available to me. It’ll be a very unfamiliar place to be, but I intend on making it home and can’t wait to experience it.

Thinking Positively,

Michela P. <3

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