Maintaining a role-model status is very important to me. Partially because I find that this helps me better myself, but also because it is so important for the younger generations to have someone to look up to. Growing up, I was always fortunate enough to have a number of people in whom I could confide in and look up to. Thus, I take pride in being that person for other children.


Posing with 2014’s Elite Miss Brampton, Stephanie H.

As you probably already know, I created my own charity a few years ago to help relieve parents of their financial burdens. I call my charity Diapers4Smiles. I achieve my mission by collecting new and gently used baby items; specifically, diapers and wipes as well as host various events to eliminate the stigma surrounding single parenting. Over the duration of the past few months, I was fortunate enough to share my vision with a group of other girls wanting to make a difference in their community and become a role model. This was done through a charity ambassadorship program, which is a chain of the annual Flower City Pageant. The Flower City Pageant is a local competition that picks a mini, junior, teen, miss and elite miss to represent the city for an entire year. The selected girls attend community events and essentially become the city celebrities for the year.

Crowing Sara as the official 2015 Charity Ambassador

Crowing Sara as the official 2015 Charity Ambassador

The participants were asked to collect diapers and wipes, which would be evaluated based on a point system. The person who had the highest score by the end of the collection would be awarded the title of Charity Ambassador 2015 and reign until next year. I was honored to crown Sara H. the Diapers 4 Smiles Charity Ambassador 2015 and am really looking forward to bringing her on board to help me with my mission over the next year. Sarah is a genuine, compassionate and sincere 17 year old who truly put her all into her collection and overwhelmed me with a substantial amount of donations.

It was so incredible to see all of the girls get so involved and think of such creative fundraising methods. From setting aside a portion of every paycheck, to hosting an online photo pageant, all of the girls involved worked tirelessly to collect the most diapers and wipes that they could.

Some of the participants and I post-crowning

Some of the participants and I post-crowning

I would like the thank Michelle, the director of MM Pageants for allowing me to be apart of such a memorable day and to all of the participants of helping me collect over 50 boxes of diapers and wipes. 15 boxes have already been sent out to a family in need, and the others have been sent to a local woman’s shelter.

Bringing other people on board and teaching them the importance of aiding their community from such a young age is so important; therefore, participating in this event was extremely meaningful to me.

Once again, congratulations Sara!

Thinking Positively,

Michela P. <3


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