A “Playful Couture” inspired look, styled by Miana to remain true to herself.

Hello once again, I am excited to share with you amazing insight to a fashion blog Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty, written by yours truly. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to exercise one of my favourite hobbies, writing. I have always had the passion to express my feelings and emotions through the creative process of writing. I recently published an article on Street Chic.ca sharing my opinions and advice on today’s modern day fashion. I have created a 3 step guide to pick out the most perfect outfit while staying true to yourself. Along with the guide, I have provided an example of a look that most reflects my inner beauty, which I call, Playful Couture. This fashion blog on Street Chic describes how to apply the 3 step guide to any outfit or occasion, by following my useful tips. My most useful tips are 1. Create a vision and follow it, 2. Always Stay True to You, and 3. How to Perfect your masterpiece. Not only does this blog help you gain confidence to pick out the perfect outfit, it guides you to find the perfect style to reflect your inner beauty.

I believe that fashion is an extension of your inner beauty, and it is used to accentuate your personality. I feel like your freedom of expression from your style should correlate to who you truly feel like inside. It is particularly important to stay true to your emotions and feelings, rather than to conform to society’s beliefs. As we have so many positive fashion icons in our world, it is more empowering to gain inspiration from our role models, applying it to our individuality, rather than totally conforming to a look that isn’t reflective of your true self. I have explained how I apply these principles to my outfit choices in my blog on StreetChic.ca. Following my guide to Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty, will help you better express yourself on a daily basis.

Miana in front of Jordan Stewart Boutique, trying on a flirty flower embroidered romper.

In order to provide my best advice, I wanted to captivate an experience of my own and truly express my feelings. With that being said, I headed over to my go to clothing sponsor Jordan Stewart Boutique, in my home town London, Ontario. With their amazing selection of fun, flirty, and formal looks, I knew that I had so many stunning options to choose from. But, I kept in mind that I wanted to reflect my inner beauty and display an outfit that highlighted my confidence and fun side. I tried on beautiful rompers, a sophisticated pantsuit, flowy dresses and then found the perfect pink and white two-piece. When I put this outfit on, I felt extremely confident and instantly knew it was made for me. I am eternally grateful for my welcoming experience at Jordan Stewart. This boutique is the perfect place to shop for any occasion and is sure to live up to any expectation, especially to highlight you inner beauty.

Miana modelling the Where Is Ken outfit from Jordan Stewart, outside of Centennial Hall of off Richmond Row in London, Ontario

Once I had chosen the Where Is Ken playful two-piece from Jordan Stewart, I had the pleasure to be photographed by the amazing Ivan Jaramillo, a local photographer. We browsed London’s downtown which we call Richmond Row, to find the perfect location to capture my fashion inspiration. When I described to Ivan that I wanted a scene that was timeless and sophisticated, he immediately knew that downtown, right across from London’s Victoria Park, is Centennial Hall, which has a beautiful outdoor space. I instantly felt a connection to this place when I saw the statement columns and I knew that this was the perfect location to model a Playful Couture look inspired by myself. This photoshoot brought out my true personality as it was filled with laughter and positivity. I had the best experience behind the scenes with Jordan Stewart Boutique’s team and Ivan, which allowed me to truly express how I feel about today’s society fashion featured on Street Chic.ca as Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty in London, Ontario. 

I always love to stay connecting to my supporters, so when visiting my fashion blog, let me know your thoughts @….

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Hope you enjoyed, xoxo Miss Teenage Ontario 2017, Miana

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Welcome back, I am very excited to introduce one of my all time favourite get away locations, right here in Ontario, fit for the title that I represent. As I am from London, Ontario, I have always loved travelling to Ottawa for an eventful “stay-cation”. The capital of our beautiful country never fails to impress me. I always leave with more knowledge, memories and maybe even a tummy ache from the laughter from my humorous friends. I’ve made the most vivid memories in Ottawa canoeing through Dow’s Lake with my friends. Dow’s Lake pavilion offers a variety of activities such as canoeing (my personal favourite), kayaking, pattleboating and of course the option to visit the most appetizing restaurants with amazing views after a day full of amusement. Dow’s Lake Pavilion is the ideal starting point to take an adventure down Ottawa’s historic Rideau Canal. The unique thing about the Rideau Canal, is that in the winter months, the Pavilion is actually the entrance to the worlds longest skating rink, which I have yet to visit, but would love to in the near future.

The starting point at Dow’s Lake Pavilion, before taking off to a beautiful journey down the Rideau Canal.

Miana (right), pictured with one of her best friends Julia (left), about to head off canoeing down Dow’s Lake, Ottawa, ON.

I love the energy that surrounds me as I coast down the Rideau Canal. I could spend hours floating  on the steady stream of water as it is so therapeutic and relaxing. Taking in the beautiful outdoor environment makes me feel grounded and allows me to express my gratitude for my surroundings. I have always found that being in the nature is calming, which often is helpful when trying to meditate or simply relax. I specifically love unwinding at the Rideau Canal after a busy day, because I feel like it’s the perfect place to self-reflect and set new goals for the future. I believe canoeing alone can be extremely peaceful and helpful as a stress reliever, but I also love to experience this with my friends.

I always surround myself with positive and fun-loving people, which makes these canoe trips particularly amusing. I love that the environment of the Rideau Canal can change from a place of serenity alone, to a place of bonding and creating memories with friends. The very first time I visited Dow’s Lake, my friend and I thought we were professionals before we had even touched water. After suiting up in our life jackets and almost tipping over the canoe

Miana canoeing down the Rideau Canal. The railings pictured behind were used as a creative guide to making it back to the dock.

getting into it, we started to paddle and were getting the hang of it. We made it all the way down to the Rideau Canal observing the scenic views and taking in the fresh air. But, once we had made it far enough, we realized that we needed to turn around and head back to Dow’s Lake Pavilion. Though it may look easier than it is, we had gotten a pretty good workout from canoeing all the way out and had to come up with a way to conserve our energy and take a breather. Not to mention that once we reached our furthest point, it started pouring rain on us. Our immediate instinct was to laugh and enjoy this unique journey. As we were absorbing this experience, we suddenly realized that we could latch on to a side railing to pull ourselves half way back to the dock, saving us some energy. It was the funniest experience ever, my friend and I were slowly but surely making the most of my first time canoeing, coming up with creative ways to finish our retreat, laughing practically the whole time while doing it.


Miana’s delicious dark chocolate fondue treat at Cacao 70 in Ottawa, ON.

After we made it back, we decided that we needed to treat ourselves to a very special dessert destination in Ottawa. We headed to my favourite little dessert diner in the Byward Market in Ottawa, called Cacao 70. It offers the best chocolate ensembles from chocolate lava cakes, to delicious chocolate ice-cream melts. I like to stick to the richest dark chocolate fondue, with fresh fruit to dip in it. This delicious snack truly was the cherry on top to an eventful day in the most beautiful city.

Let me know if you guys have ever been to Dow’s Lake Pavilion or Cacao 70 in Ottawa, Ontario. Share your experiences with me @….

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xoxo.. Miss Teenage Ontario 2017, Miana

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Drum roll please…..Hello to all, my name is Miana and I am pleased to announce that I have been crowned Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. *Crowd Cheers* I am a grade twelve student from London, Ontario and I couldn’t be more excited to start my reign as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. This monumental experience has not only taught me that I can achieve any goal I set out, but it has allowed me to make life long friends and have the best weekend of my life thus far. I cannot wait to compete in the Miss Teenage Canada 2017 pageant, as I will only build stronger relationships, experience the most thrilling week ever and hopefully achieve my new goal of becoming Miss Teenage Canada 2017. Moreover, I can’t wait to share my journey leading up to nationals with you all, and share all the exciting ventures to come as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017.

The beautiful Hanna, Miss Teenage Ontario 2016 (left) and amazing Samantha, Miss Teenage Canada 2016 (right) crowning Miana, Miss Teenage Ontario 2017 (centre)

How it all started?

My passion to be in the spotlight was expressed when I was 3 years old begging my parents to become an actress. This may have seemed like a stretch to my parents as they would constantly tell me, “Of course, wait till’ you’re older though”, not knowing that I would stay consistent as a little 3 year old, begging them to achieve my dream. At age 4, I was sitting in my car and I heard an angelic voice above me say, “Visit our talent search to be discovered”, no this wasn’t God speaking to me, I was just so small that the speakers were above my head. So there it was, my opportunity to become an actress literally fell into my hands. A couple mighty days of asking over and over and over again to go, my parents supported me and we made the trip to Toronto where I won the commercial portion of this talent search. This lit a fire inside me to pursue this career, which I did from the age of 4 but stopped at 8 years old when school became more demanding, so I had to put my acting career on pause.

Thankfully, this didn’t discourage me, but I used my confidence to stay motivated and to continue to act in school plays, MC school assemblies and do whatever I could to be in the spotlight. My passion for this industry is a perfect match to serve as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. With no previous experience in pageants, my best friend saw this opportunity online to enter the MTC pageant and knowing that I love to entertain and help others, she insisted that I entered. I obviously jumped on this opportunity and with tons of support and hard work, before I knew it, this little girl who began acting in sponge toys and flooring commercials was being crowned Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. In this moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who helped me get to this place. Immediately upon returning to my hometown, the local news conducted an interview to gain some insight of my journey so far. I am extremely proud of myself for achieving exactly what I set out to accomplish, and I am using this as motivation to work towards Miss Teenage Canada 2017.

What I like to do?

I am a fun loving spirit who loves to be involved. I am the communication minister on student council at my school, which is no surprise considering I sure can talk your ear off. With that being said, I get to plan and execute events like school dances, festivals, club days, fundraisers and sporting events. As a member of best buddies, I get the privilege to work with students at my school who have a range of disabilities and make their high school experience eventful and enjoyable. I am also involved in many sporting events myself, as I have been the captain of my school volleyball team for my whole high school career. I also play competitive volleyball in London which consists of me practicing twice a week and living a healthy lifestyle. Summer is definitely my favourite season because I get to relax, enjoy the sun and play beach volleyball.

Miana (middle row, third from the right), her friends, teachers and volunteers at a best buddies Christmas brunch.

Sun-kissed, Miana plays beach volleyball with her partner.







A typical day at work for Miana.

   Any free time I have, I will spend it with either my family or friends. I love to watch movies, host get togethers or just enjoy the company of my friends.  My favourite thing to do with my family would be going out to dinner because I’m a huge “Foodie”, as my mom would call it. I work for my family’s construction business and spend many hours on site. As a pageant girl,  you all probably expect that I spend a lot of time getting ready in the bathroom but I actually spend a lot of time getting the bathrooms ready. I am responsible for installing bathroom fixtures such as the shower rod, towel rod, robe hooks etc. In relation to eating being one of my favourite ways to pass time, at work I’m also in the kitchen installing lighting underneath the counters. I love the glitz and the glam, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty either.

Coming up!

       Primarily, I am seeking events, fundraisers and charities to volunteer at, along with taking any opportunities that arise to help my community. Coming up, I will be conducting my own fundraiser in my hometown to raise money for Free The Children. I will be attending events and posting all about my experiences, so stay tuned. I am continuing to stay healthy by training and working out 4 times a week and maintaining my vegetarian life style. I am also going to be promoting my platform which is to empower young women to become self-aware and confident, therefore it will help individuals build a strong foundation that can prevent against issues such as body shaming, self-harm and bullying. I am passionate to get this message across so that young women can grow up feeling proud of themselves in order to strive and achieve their goals and biggest dreams. I can’t wait to share more about my journey with you all and be sure to follow me for the latest updates.(links to my social media are provided below)!

Lots of love from,

Miana- Miss Teenage Ontario 2017

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The Beginning

The pageant has begun! The past 3 days have been full of new friends, fun, and some crazy cool goodies and events. I’ll admit I was nervous and scared at first, but I don’t think I could ask for a group of better girls than the ones I have made friends with so far this week. I can’t WAIT to see how the rest of the week will go.

It all began with our first official event for the pageant, the sponsor party! Immediately upon walking into the room, I was greeted with excited young ladies like myself, glittering tiaras, and some awesome looking sponsor booths! You could feel the energy in the room and every girl was buzzing and excited. Not only did we get to meet representatives from the various sponsors, and recieve samples as well, we also got to mingle and meet the girls we were competing with. Here are some pictures of me and the girls!

Here are the Ontario girls representing our province together!

Here are the Ontario girls representing our province together!



The first booth I visited at the sponsor party was Nuvango. The vibrant colours and intricate patterns immediately drew me in and I just had to take a closer look. I discovered that it was actually a super cool brand that was all about printed clothing! I managed to grab myself a super cute and comfy crop top with an interesting and colourful polka dot art design on it.

Me and my friend Tori, another Ontario delegate rocking our cool Nuvango crop tops during rehearsals.

Me and my friend Tori, another Ontario delegate rocking our cool Nuvango crop tops during rehearsals.

After wearing my top all day in rehearsal and getting all the great compliments, I was even more excited to be given the opportunity to go and check out Nuvango’s headquarters. It was awesome learning about how all the clothing pieces are made and manufactured in Toronto, and the prints were actually selected pieces of artwork from many various artists. We got to do a tour of the studio, as well as show off our #nuvangostyle with a fun photoshoot trying on some pieces from their new collection!

Absolutely LOVED this skirt from Nuvango's new collection.

Absolutely LOVED this skirt from Nuvango’s new collection.

Visit https://ca.nuvango.com/ for any more info on the brand, and to get a better look at #nuvango


V.P.I Canada Limited

The next booth I popped by was the V.P.I Canada booth, where each delegate was gifted a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses. We had a ton of fun trying them on and finding shades that match our own personal style. I had no idea that so many unique and interesting styles and colours coul even be available. I can’t wait to rock my cute pink shades today while we are golfing to help block out the sun and look cute and stylish at the same time!

Here are the sunglasses I chose and the link to purchase a matching pair https://www.vpicanada.ca/SUNGLASSES/clubmaster-sunglasses-2514/

Here is a quick look at my cute pearly pink shades

If you like the style I chose, check out this link to get a pair and match me!

Clubmaster Sunglasses (2514)


Sweets Canada

I am a HUGE candy and chocolate lover, so when I glanced around the room and saw the Sweets Canada table I ran over as soon as possible to get a closer look. When I got there I saw Sam Dhutia who was offering some amazing looking dark chocolate samples that also had Jasmine flowers in them. We started talking and then he showed me the chocolate bar I just HAD to have. It was a delicious gourmet white chocolate bar with sea salted caramel pieces and cacao nibs.


As you can see I could hardly wait to taste some!

Sweets Canada is also on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada feel free to check them out and take a look at all the other sweets they offer!


Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy

Another super fun exhibit at the Opening Might Sponsors’ Party was the cool mini putting green set up by the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy. We all got one chance to practice our putting skills and try to get a spot in the final shootout. I didn’t do so well but I had fun trying! I couldn’t wait to go golfing and get my own #ryallgolf lesson with them today. It ended up being very fun and reminded me of how much I missed golfing. If you are interested in golf and curious to learn more, I highly recommend them!


Eyeing up the hole trying to line up the perfect shot!

Bata Shoe Museum

Another one of our first visits on day 2 was the Bata Shoe Museum. As an art student I have loved fashion and design all my life so going to the shoe museum was absolutely mind blowing. The amount of interesting things I learned was incredible! From Shaq’s shoes, to the styles through the ages, I think I can also speak on behalf of all the other girls and say we had lots of fun! You can learn more about the museum and how it got created on their website. http://www.batashoemuseum.ca/


Shoe styles through the 20th century

Archers Arena

At the party there was a bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the pointy end) and we all took turns trying to hit a paper target that was setup in the ballroom, and taking some fun pictures pretending to shoot each other. I can’t wait for when I’ll be playing Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday July 21st 2016. I love being active and I can’t wait to “knock out the competition” with some fun #archerytag. It,s going to be great!



Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform that was at the show collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016 and then projecting it live at the party. Even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto. And the mass of spontaneously issued images and text from all 65 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.03.46 AM

Banner design for Sign Source Solution! Design is simple pretty and classic just like the delegates who have and will continue to compete!

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 Art has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Being creative and expressing myself has helped me through all the different stages of my life so far, whether they be good or bad. I was fortunate enough to be able to admire the works of great Canadian artists from a very young age. This is all thanks to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and its close ties with my lovable, tight-knit community.IMG_0546

A part of what makes the gallery so great and unique is that it is renowned for collecting only Canadian art, the McMichael permanent collection consists of almost 6,000
artworks by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, their contemporaries, and First Nations, Métis, Inuit and other artists who have made a contribution to the development of Canadian art. These great Canadian artists were my first introduction into the art world, and the fact that I get the chance to see the art and visit whenever I want makes it that much more special to me.

The artwork isn’t the only thing that makes McMichael so special. The gallery is also bordered by a network of outdoor paths and hiking trails, the art is strongly connected to Canadian geography, and much of the pieces showcased in the gallery are inspired by themes in nature, so the beautiful walking paths are a great way to see how Canada has
inspired the works of art hanging right on the other side of the doors. You can also have fun posing with the sculptures in the new Sculpture Garden!IMG_0564To sum things up, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection isn’t just any old tourist attraction to me. It is where I had many of my first school trips, where I got to bike ride through the forest and trails and experience the gallery is a place I am always visiting, and will continue to visit whenever I need some inspiration, and a reminder of how my love for art got started.



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Hello again! I do not think I have ever had such a busy start to a summer vacation ever! I had my high-school graduation a couple days ago, and was super happy to complete grade 12 on the honour roll, with a specialist high skills major certification in business, the exemplary award in business studies and the highest academic grade in World of Fashion! I cannot wait for the next chapter of my life to begin, and I am super excited to begin university next fall.

Me and my awesome mom after I just graduated

Me and mama bear after the graduation ceremony.

Not just that but yesterday was Canada Day! I love Canada day and have been volunteering in my town for years, to help throw our great Canada day festival. This year was no different! Even through all the stormy weather and rain, I still had tons of fun throwing on my crown and sash and heading out to help at our most popular booth every year, the pie booth.

But aside from all that, tomorrow is the big day! The fundraiser I have been planning is taking place tomorrow! Hopefully I will end up raising tons of money for Free the Children, and having tons of fun while I’m at it. Time to go finish of the preparations!




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Typical of me to get caught up in the whirlwind of final exams and not get the chance to blog! Buuuttt I’m back which means I am done exams… WHICH MEANS IM DONE HIGHSCHOOL! That’s right, I am officially done all my classes, AND dance which means it’s time for summer, lounging around, and of course THE PAGEANT.


Handing out programs before the start of the show!

I recently completed my last dance recital which was a bittersweet moment. It was amazing getting to dance onstage one last time with the dance family I have grown up with. Their support means the world! Not only that but I was given the chance to spread the word about my fundraiser coming up (more updates on that coming soon), and hand out programs as the parents entered the theatre!

I have also started up a list of things I am going to be bringing to nationals, and lets just say my luggage will definitely not be small! Can’t wait to keep the countdown going!



PS. Tomorrow you might get to hear more about my fundraiser

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As we approach pageant week I can not help but count down the days in anticipation of the day I get to finally head down to meet all the girls!

So, because of my excitement I decided to create a little countdown challenge for myself, yesterday marked exactly a month until the pageant, so I thought, Hey! Why don’t I start a little blog-a-day countdown!

I am going to be writing a little update on my blog every day up until the final show date! Whether it be facts about me, pageant preparations, or fundraisers and events, I’m going to have at least one short little blurb a day to help keep you guys in the loop.

Can’t wait to share my excitement with you! Keep a lookout on my Facebook page where I will be posting blog updates!



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