Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone’s Thursday treated them well, I know that mine did!

I am currently on Spring Break which means I have lot’s of extra time to relax, read and discover many great new vegan blogs! So far, the highlight of my break has certainly been the purchase of my Spirooli.

'Excited' would be an understatement for how I was feeling

As a vegetarian who is trying to phase into a vegan, it’s always exciting to find great new alternatives to animal based foods. So naturally, I’ve been wanting to try ‘zoodles’ for quite some time now. Thankfully, with the help of my awesome new Spirooli, I can make noodles out of any vegetable I want! Sounds lame I know, but this really is the type of thing that get’s me excited…I suppose its just my inner vegan attempting to shine through.

Gym Owner; Kris (Left), Personal Trainer; Alex (Right) & I at "Bodies By Design"

With that being the highlight of my break, I have also been working hard at achieving some fitness goals over the past few weeks. Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of posing with Bodies By Design owner Kristopher Simpson and my personal trainer Alex after a great one on one season. I absolutely love training at Bodies By Design because of both the positive atmosphere and moral support that is provided. Everyone is looking out for my best interest and helping me reach my goals. Fitness has always been an important part of my life, however after a few years off as a competitive gymnast I was in need of some help getting back on track. Thankfully, Bodies By Design has taken me on and will be working with me to not only look great, but also feel great.

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast! ( I guess we can call this my "before" picture)

I believe that fitness is about keeping the body healthy. With that being said, I am striving to be the best I can be and gain some confidence in the process. I will not achieve greatness until I give it my all, thus I plan on working hard. I’m excited to learn many new techniques and cannot wait to reveal my results at nationals in August!

Always thinking positively,

Michela <3


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