Welcome back, I am very excited to introduce one of my all time favourite get away locations, right here in Ontario, fit for the title that I represent. As I am from London, Ontario, I have always loved travelling to Ottawa for an eventful “stay-cation”. The capital of our beautiful country never fails to impress me. I always leave with more knowledge, memories and maybe even a tummy ache from the laughter from my humorous friends. I’ve made the most vivid memories in Ottawa canoeing through Dow’s Lake with my friends. Dow’s Lake pavilion offers a variety of activities such as canoeing (my personal favourite), kayaking, pattleboating and of course the option to visit the most appetizing restaurants with amazing views after a day full of amusement. Dow’s Lake Pavilion is the ideal starting point to take an adventure down Ottawa’s historic Rideau Canal. The unique thing about the Rideau Canal, is that in the winter months, the Pavilion is actually the entrance to the worlds longest skating rink, which I have yet to visit, but would love to in the near future.

The starting point at Dow’s Lake Pavilion, before taking off to a beautiful journey down the Rideau Canal.

Miana (right), pictured with one of her best friends Julia (left), about to head off canoeing down Dow’s Lake, Ottawa, ON.

I love the energy that surrounds me as I coast down the Rideau Canal. I could spend hours floating  on the steady stream of water as it is so therapeutic and relaxing. Taking in the beautiful outdoor environment makes me feel grounded and allows me to express my gratitude for my surroundings. I have always found that being in the nature is calming, which often is helpful when trying to meditate or simply relax. I specifically love unwinding at the Rideau Canal after a busy day, because I feel like it’s the perfect place to self-reflect and set new goals for the future. I believe canoeing alone can be extremely peaceful and helpful as a stress reliever, but I also love to experience this with my friends.

I always surround myself with positive and fun-loving people, which makes these canoe trips particularly amusing. I love that the environment of the Rideau Canal can change from a place of serenity alone, to a place of bonding and creating memories with friends. The very first time I visited Dow’s Lake, my friend and I thought we were professionals before we had even touched water. After suiting up in our life jackets and almost tipping over the canoe

Miana canoeing down the Rideau Canal. The railings pictured behind were used as a creative guide to making it back to the dock.

getting into it, we started to paddle and were getting the hang of it. We made it all the way down to the Rideau Canal observing the scenic views and taking in the fresh air. But, once we had made it far enough, we realized that we needed to turn around and head back to Dow’s Lake Pavilion. Though it may look easier than it is, we had gotten a pretty good workout from canoeing all the way out and had to come up with a way to conserve our energy and take a breather. Not to mention that once we reached our furthest point, it started pouring rain on us. Our immediate instinct was to laugh and enjoy this unique journey. As we were absorbing this experience, we suddenly realized that we could latch on to a side railing to pull ourselves half way back to the dock, saving us some energy. It was the funniest experience ever, my friend and I were slowly but surely making the most of my first time canoeing, coming up with creative ways to finish our retreat, laughing practically the whole time while doing it.


Miana’s delicious dark chocolate fondue treat at Cacao 70 in Ottawa, ON.

After we made it back, we decided that we needed to treat ourselves to a very special dessert destination in Ottawa. We headed to my favourite little dessert diner in the Byward Market in Ottawa, called Cacao 70. It offers the best chocolate ensembles from chocolate lava cakes, to delicious chocolate ice-cream melts. I like to stick to the richest dark chocolate fondue, with fresh fruit to dip in it. This delicious snack truly was the cherry on top to an eventful day in the most beautiful city.

Let me know if you guys have ever been to Dow’s Lake Pavilion or Cacao 70 in Ottawa, Ontario. Share your experiences with me @….

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