A “Playful Couture” inspired look, styled by Miana to remain true to herself.

Hello once again, I am excited to share with you amazing insight to a fashion blog Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty, written by yours truly. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to exercise one of my favourite hobbies, writing. I have always had the passion to express my feelings and emotions through the creative process of writing. I recently published an article on Street Chic.ca sharing my opinions and advice on today’s modern day fashion. I have created a 3 step guide to pick out the most perfect outfit while staying true to yourself. Along with the guide, I have provided an example of a look that most reflects my inner beauty, which I call, Playful Couture. This fashion blog on Street Chic describes how to apply the 3 step guide to any outfit or occasion, by following my useful tips. My most useful tips are 1. Create a vision and follow it, 2. Always Stay True to You, and 3. How to Perfect your masterpiece. Not only does this blog help you gain confidence to pick out the perfect outfit, it guides you to find the perfect style to reflect your inner beauty.

I believe that fashion is an extension of your inner beauty, and it is used to accentuate your personality. I feel like your freedom of expression from your style should correlate to who you truly feel like inside. It is particularly important to stay true to your emotions and feelings, rather than to conform to society’s beliefs. As we have so many positive fashion icons in our world, it is more empowering to gain inspiration from our role models, applying it to our individuality, rather than totally conforming to a look that isn’t reflective of your true self. I have explained how I apply these principles to my outfit choices in my blog on StreetChic.ca. Following my guide to Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty, will help you better express yourself on a daily basis.

Miana in front of Jordan Stewart Boutique, trying on a flirty flower embroidered romper.

In order to provide my best advice, I wanted to captivate an experience of my own and truly express my feelings. With that being said, I headed over to my go to clothing sponsor Jordan Stewart Boutique, in my home town London, Ontario. With their amazing selection of fun, flirty, and formal looks, I knew that I had so many stunning options to choose from. But, I kept in mind that I wanted to reflect my inner beauty and display an outfit that highlighted my confidence and fun side. I tried on beautiful rompers, a sophisticated pantsuit, flowy dresses and then found the perfect pink and white two-piece. When I put this outfit on, I felt extremely confident and instantly knew it was made for me. I am eternally grateful for my welcoming experience at Jordan Stewart. This boutique is the perfect place to shop for any occasion and is sure to live up to any expectation, especially to highlight you inner beauty.

Miana modelling the Where Is Ken outfit from Jordan Stewart, outside of Centennial Hall of off Richmond Row in London, Ontario

Once I had chosen the Where Is Ken playful two-piece from Jordan Stewart, I had the pleasure to be photographed by the amazing Ivan Jaramillo, a local photographer. We browsed London’s downtown which we call Richmond Row, to find the perfect location to capture my fashion inspiration. When I described to Ivan that I wanted a scene that was timeless and sophisticated, he immediately knew that downtown, right across from London’s Victoria Park, is Centennial Hall, which has a beautiful outdoor space. I instantly felt a connection to this place when I saw the statement columns and I knew that this was the perfect location to model a Playful Couture look inspired by myself. This photoshoot brought out my true personality as it was filled with laughter and positivity. I had the best experience behind the scenes with Jordan Stewart Boutique’s team and Ivan, which allowed me to truly express how I feel about today’s society fashion featured on Street Chic.ca as Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty in London, Ontario. 

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