The Car is packed and Off I go!

This post is coming to you live from my hotel room as I wait to be called down for a meeting with all of the lovely Miss Teen Canada World delegates. I can’t believe the day has come! This week is sure to be a week to remember, forever! I have met my roomate, Jaclyn from Alberta and she is sweet as pie. I am so glad we’re getting along and we have found that we have a lot in common. Kudos to the pageant organizers for setting me up with such an awesome roomie! Our room is basically a huge walk in closet, full of shoes, dresses, skirts, makeup, perfumes, hair accessories and gowns galore! Am I in heaven? Yes, I am quite possibly in fashion heaven.

I mean- check out all the shoes I had to bring! Plus I have a pair of heels on right now… that’s 12 pairs of shoes! Holy cannoli! That is another part of this week I am so excited for, dressing up! I love doing my hair and makeup and putting outfits together. After being in the ABA hair show at the convention centre this year as well, I learned a lot of neat tricks I can use when doing my hair this week. It will be fun to try it all out!

On another note, voting began today! So if you would like to help support me as I compete for the title of Miss Teen Canada world click here to sign up and vote for me! Thank you so much! And if you wouldn’t mind sharing the link and encouraging your friends and family to vote for me as well, it would mean the world to me! Thank you so much and stay tuned as I take you with me as we approach the national stage on July 20th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. You can buy tickets here if you would like to attend, but hurry because they are selling out and fast!

See you there!

xo. Bianca!

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