What a relaxing weekend this was, and much needed too. I had an exhausting week after my trip to New York last weekend and my fundraiser this past Tuesday (not to mention- school!).

Central Park Selfie

Lisa, my uncle and I at Carlos Bakery!

First off, New York was a ton of fun! I went down for Wrestlemania and I had a wonderful time. The city was great and I enjoyed walking around downtown with my dad and uncle in the warm weather. My favourite part of the trip was when my uncle and I went to Carlos Bakery in New Jersey and got a tour of the inside of the bakery. I am a huge fan of Cake Boss so it was a really pleasure getting to meet Lisa who is on the show. We even got to taste the delicious lobster tails they make and take home some goodies!

Richview Dance-A-Thon crowd!

The day after I landed however, I had a fundraiser for Free the Children running at my school. It was  a big success and we managed to raise around $530 after a 3 hour long Dance-A-Thon. The two winners won $50 each and without a doubt, everyone had a blast dancing and singing along to the great music!

As stressful as life may be at times, it is important to keep your eyes on the finish line and keep running! It was definitely hectic going straight from my trip to my fundraiser but it worked out wonderfully and I couldn’t be more happy. Now, my fundraising for the pageant has begun and there is no more time to dilly-dally!

A few of the necklaces I am selling at $3 each.

Socks $2, Glasses $3







As of today I am selling a few goods online via my Facebook Page in order to raise funds for Free the Children. These items include reusable bags, stuffed bears, candles, beaded necklaces from India and a bunch of fun stuff. The prices are all listed in my Facebook album, so please feel free to check it out and purchase an item to support Free the Children and myself, in the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant.

Click here to check out the items:  Thank you so much!

– Bianca Carelli

P.S. Always remember to appreciate the small things.

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