Hey Friends!

After an insanely busy weekend that left me with an actual dent in my head from my crown, I am FINALLY recuperating and gaining back some of that lost energy.  

On that note, I suppose I should provide you with a few details regarding the events that I attended last weekend…

OutGrow OutPlay Mississauga 

Day 1 with my good friends Elmo & Olaf

OutGrow OutPlay is a children’s consignment sale located in Mississauga, Ontario. The primary focus of this sale is to help families make money off of what their children have quite literally ‘outgrown’ and ‘outplayed’. As you can imagine, children grow and change their interests extremely quickly; therefore, costing their caregivers thousands of dollars a year just to upgrade these items. OutGrow OutPlay allows people to drop off new and used items to be sold in a large arena at reasonable prices. Think of it like a giant garage sale, except you don’t have to do any of the work! 

I chose to affiliate myself with this event for two main reasons. One: They really encourage first time moms to come and shop! I think that this is fantastic for all first time parents because it gives them an opportunity to save money at a very crucial time in their lives. Not only is this event a place to shop, but they also offer vendor tables where they can learn about things like RSP’s for their children. Two:The entry fee is either a box of diapers or non-perishable food item! I love the idea of incorporating a charity into events like these simply because it teaches people how to give to others and become a little more selfless. 

Day 2 with Gabriella, owner of OutGrow OutPlay

I spent both my Saturday morning and entire Sunday helping greet, survey and assist shoppers, as well as collect some of the donations. It was wonderful to have been able to participate in this event for a second year, and I look forward to teaming up with the staff at OutGrow OutPlay to find other means of incorporating diaper collections into their fall event. 

Oshawa Recreational Italian Club

I am proud to say that my family is of Italian decent and that we strive to incorporate our culture into our daily lives as much as possible. Whether it be what we ate for dinner, or through having a loud family gathering on a Tuesday night, we make sure that old Italian traditions are passed down from generation to generation. 

Miss Italia 2015 & I after crowning

In an attempt to keep these traditions alive, a lot of communities have been formed based on people’s  heritage. The Oshawa Italian Club is a place where the Italian community can come together and celebrate their culture through recreational activities and events. Every year, the club chooses one Miss and one Mini-Miss to represent their culture at what is called Fiesta Week. Fiesta Week is when all of the clubs across Oshawa come together to celebrate their diversity. Each club is responsible for their own pavilion where they may choose to sell cultural food or products and perform cultural dances. I had the privilege of choosing this years Miss Italia and MCing the actual crowning ceremony. 

The night was full of live entertainment, great food and most importantly, wonderful company. I loved seeing the younger generations embrace their families culture and truly become ambassador’s of their heritage. After attending such an amazing event like this, there is no way that I wouldn’t raise my future children in an atmosphere like that. 

…And that my friends, is what kept me busy last weekend! Although I hardly had a second to breathe, I made a ton of great memories and am now looking forward to many more busy weekends like these! 

Thinking Positively,

Michela P. <3



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