This is it, my fundraising campaign for Free the Children officially came to an end on Tuesday. I had so much fun raising the money, but hey- I guess that’s why they call it FUN-draising… (I know my jokes are corny.)

I had never taken on an initiative like this before and I am so glad that it was a pageant requirement. In addition to how wonderful it feels to give back to the community, there is so much more to gain from fundraising!

What did I gain? A ton of fundraising experience and a big lesson!

To begin, my original fundraising goal was $20,000. Clearly, I did not realize how much money that actually was and I set my bar a little too high. It is great to aim high and dream big, but I learned it is best to stay realistic when it comes to a monetary goal! I finished my fundraising with an exact total of $3000! I am very proud and owe it to my friends and family who helped support me throughout these long 6 weeks.

Throughout my six weeks, I hosted one danceathon, 2 garage sales, I rented a table at a seniors home yard sale, held an online sale over Facebook, partnered with Stella & Dot for a percentage of their sales, held a raffle at school for WWE tickets, set up a webpage for online donations, had a family BBQ party and lastly, a car wash! Not to mention I received donations from several friends and family members as well. It was a lot of work planning events, signing up for permits, finding volunteers, setting up yard sales, but it was well worth it and my organization skills have never been stronger!

I had originally planned to teach dance at schools for a few weeks and received support and coverage from the TDSB website! Sadly, after contacting many schools, I realized the interest was very low.

Now it's time to focus on other things, my talent!

However, as my fundraising has come to an end it is time to focus my energy elsewhere… my talent! I am getting very excited to perform on talent night and thankfully my aunt Jasmine has an awesome basement for me to practice in. Actually, I think I hear music playing now… Stay tuned & thanks for reading!

xox Bianca


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