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With a smile stretched across my face from ear to ear, I am proud to announce that I am your new Miss Teenage Ontario 2015! 

Being crowned Miss Teenage Ontario 2015

Since I will be representing this lovely province for the next year, I suppose an introduction would be appropriate…

My name is Michela and I am a 17 year old grade 12 student at an art’s school in Celadon, Ontario where I major in drama. Upon graduating, I plan on attending university where I will study both the environment and theatre! For now, I am found taking full advantage of being in high school by joining as many extra curricular activities as possible including drama productions, Link Crew and Prefects as well as working hard academically, earning myself a spot on the honours list every year since grade nine.

Aside from spending every waking moment I have at school, I also have a passion for volunteering. At just 8 years old, I began creating change by making gimp bracelets and selling them to my friends and family (this is where the change making addiction all started)…. After seeing that I could raise thousands of dollars by doing something I loved, I began feeling more confidant and fulfilled; thus, I started taking different approaches to my fundraising! Today, I am the proud owner of a charity project called Diapers4Smiles! Diapers4Smiles is a community based initiative that works towards relieving parents of their financial burdens. I do so by hosting social events where the admission is a baby item and by openly collecting items all year round. I have recently collected over 115 boxes of diapers (filling an entire school bus) and donated them to a woman’s shelter in Mississauga!  Some people are known for their hair colour or sense of fashion; however, I am known as the girl who collects diapers and wipes and I would NOT have it any other way!!!

I have also been a supporter of Free The Children since I was in elementary school. I simply love the idea of educating today’s youth and getting them involved in social issues. As repetitive as this may sound, we are tomorrow’s future and so if we do not start taking initiative now, our future will not be very promising.

Volunteering at WeDay Toronto 2014

After attending We Day as a guest for several years, I had the opportunity to volunteer this year! Oh my goodness, this was a life changing experience! There is nothing as encouraging and motivating as being surrounded by thousands of people who all have the same drive that you do to be a #changemaker. I am an avid user of We365, an app created by Me to We to challenge people to better our world. I also hope to become a Me to We youth trip coordinator when I am a little bit older in hopes of traveling to impoverished nations to learn and work through some other social issues.

On the note of having dreams come true, winning the title of Miss Teenage Ontario certainly fits under that category. After participating in many pageants since I was 9 years old, this was certainly something I have worked my way up to. Pageants have taught me a lot over the years, one thing being that confidence is key and that sometimes you’ll loose 30 times before you win once. I plan on taking on this Miss Teenage Canada competition with an open mind and plan on striving to be the best Michela I can be. I vow to do my best to prepare, however allow myself to enjoy the process.

Again, I cannot wait to share all of my experiences with you and I hope to become a role model for many young girls. Last years Miss Teenage Canada winner was previously Miss Teenage Ontario, so maybe we can keep that tradition alive?!

Miss Teenage Canada (Francesca McFadden) and I after crowning


Thinking positively,

Michela <3


Written by: Michela P.

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