Drum roll please…..Hello to all, my name is Miana and I am pleased to announce that I have been crowned Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. *Crowd Cheers* I am a grade twelve student from London, Ontario and I couldn’t be more excited to start my reign as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. This monumental experience has not only taught me that I can achieve any goal I set out, but it has allowed me to make life long friends and have the best weekend of my life thus far. I cannot wait to compete in the Miss Teenage Canada 2017 pageant, as I will only build stronger relationships, experience the most thrilling week ever and hopefully achieve my new goal of becoming Miss Teenage Canada 2017. Moreover, I can’t wait to share my journey leading up to nationals with you all, and share all the exciting ventures to come as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017.

The beautiful Hanna, Miss Teenage Ontario 2016 (left) and amazing Samantha, Miss Teenage Canada 2016 (right) crowning Miana, Miss Teenage Ontario 2017 (centre)

How it all started?

My passion to be in the spotlight was expressed when I was 3 years old begging my parents to become an actress. This may have seemed like a stretch to my parents as they would constantly tell me, “Of course, wait till’ you’re older though”, not knowing that I would stay consistent as a little 3 year old, begging them to achieve my dream. At age 4, I was sitting in my car and I heard an angelic voice above me say, “Visit our talent search to be discovered”, no this wasn’t God speaking to me, I was just so small that the speakers were above my head. So there it was, my opportunity to become an actress literally fell into my hands. A couple mighty days of asking over and over and over again to go, my parents supported me and we made the trip to Toronto where I won the commercial portion of this talent search. This lit a fire inside me to pursue this career, which I did from the age of 4 but stopped at 8 years old when school became more demanding, so I had to put my acting career on pause.

Thankfully, this didn’t discourage me, but I used my confidence to stay motivated and to continue to act in school plays, MC school assemblies and do whatever I could to be in the spotlight. My passion for this industry is a perfect match to serve as Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. With no previous experience in pageants, my best friend saw this opportunity online to enter the MTC pageant and knowing that I love to entertain and help others, she insisted that I entered. I obviously jumped on this opportunity and with tons of support and hard work, before I knew it, this little girl who began acting in sponge toys and flooring commercials was being crowned Miss Teenage Ontario 2017. In this moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who helped me get to this place. Immediately upon returning to my hometown, the local news conducted an interview to gain some insight of my journey so far. I am extremely proud of myself for achieving exactly what I set out to accomplish, and I am using this as motivation to work towards Miss Teenage Canada 2017.

What I like to do?

I am a fun loving spirit who loves to be involved. I am the communication minister on student council at my school, which is no surprise considering I sure can talk your ear off. With that being said, I get to plan and execute events like school dances, festivals, club days, fundraisers and sporting events. As a member of best buddies, I get the privilege to work with students at my school who have a range of disabilities and make their high school experience eventful and enjoyable. I am also involved in many sporting events myself, as I have been the captain of my school volleyball team for my whole high school career. I also play competitive volleyball in London which consists of me practicing twice a week and living a healthy lifestyle. Summer is definitely my favourite season because I get to relax, enjoy the sun and play beach volleyball.

Miana (middle row, third from the right), her friends, teachers and volunteers at a best buddies Christmas brunch.

Sun-kissed, Miana plays beach volleyball with her partner.







A typical day at work for Miana.

   Any free time I have, I will spend it with either my family or friends. I love to watch movies, host get togethers or just enjoy the company of my friends.  My favourite thing to do with my family would be going out to dinner because I’m a huge “Foodie”, as my mom would call it. I work for my family’s construction business and spend many hours on site. As a pageant girl,  you all probably expect that I spend a lot of time getting ready in the bathroom but I actually spend a lot of time getting the bathrooms ready. I am responsible for installing bathroom fixtures such as the shower rod, towel rod, robe hooks etc. In relation to eating being one of my favourite ways to pass time, at work I’m also in the kitchen installing lighting underneath the counters. I love the glitz and the glam, but I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty either.

Coming up!

       Primarily, I am seeking events, fundraisers and charities to volunteer at, along with taking any opportunities that arise to help my community. Coming up, I will be conducting my own fundraiser in my hometown to raise money for Free The Children. I will be attending events and posting all about my experiences, so stay tuned. I am continuing to stay healthy by training and working out 4 times a week and maintaining my vegetarian life style. I am also going to be promoting my platform which is to empower young women to become self-aware and confident, therefore it will help individuals build a strong foundation that can prevent against issues such as body shaming, self-harm and bullying. I am passionate to get this message across so that young women can grow up feeling proud of themselves in order to strive and achieve their goals and biggest dreams. I can’t wait to share more about my journey with you all and be sure to follow me for the latest updates.(links to my social media are provided below)!

Lots of love from,

Miana- Miss Teenage Ontario 2017

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