Day one is complete and I am feeling pretty beat

Shout out to Hi-Tech for the new babies on my feet

Runners so sleek, a colour so cool

Anybody but a pageant queen couldn’t help but drool

But the fun and free didn’t stop there

Thank you Schwarzkopf for the dry shampoo for my hair

When it comes to styling hair Osis is no rookie

After I received my shampoo, I went and got a cookie

A cookie so pretty and sweet it would put Shirley Temple to Shame

The coolest thing about it was that on it was my name!

After the cookies, shoes, and shampoo, we went to another booth

Free the Children had a stand and we learned a thing or two

Next up was the tanning stand and that was pretty neat

The tanning lotion that they offered surely couldn’t be beat

So that was my first evening and now I lay here ready for bed

Dreams and hopes for tomorrow are beginning to fill my head

So goodnight my friends and do sleep well because tomorrow is not far away

Oh! And make sure you watch breakfast television on the morning of Monday

xo. Bianca

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