2013 Miss Teen Canada – World Blog Network Assignment Number Three

What would I do if I had a $250K budget to shoot a TV spot for Signature Towels? I would create a unique and fun commercial that would target children and adults everywhere. Let your imagination take over as you visualize this…

*Eye of the Tiger is playing low*

The summer heat is blazing down on a lush green golf course. The beautiful flowers and ponds are featured in a brief  scene-establishing clip, and the camera falls upon the first hole. The flag waves dramatically in the wind. At first nothing other than the course and sun are caught in the commercial. All of a sudden, the camera whips around to the left and captures the other half of the setting that was not shown at the beginning.There is a massive crowd consisting of thousands of golf fans who are watching a game of golf. The majority of them look as though they have just been swimming, they are so wet with sweat. However, they are not the only victims of the heat. The first man in the golf match is Tiger Wood. Tiger is focusing intently on a hole in the distance, the final hole in his game. You can see the sweat dripping from his forehead.  The camera focuses on the cheering fans and their intense reactions as Tiger prepares to take his shot. Looking confident, he takes a few practice strokes and eventually takes his big swing. BAM!-the ball is off on its way. The camera follows the ball across the setting, finally it lands a few feet from the hole and the crowd goes wild. He smiles with pride and waves to the audience, taking a step back. The audience is shown whipping their heads in sync to look at the second golfer.

*Music Changes to Kung-Fu Fighting*

The screen shows a black shoe taking a slow step down on the turf, music begins to play. The camera view raises slowly and dramatically to the rhythm of the music  to reveal Psy (from Gangnam Style), who looks very happy. He is wearing his classic blue suit, with black and white accents, and thick black glasses. He has with him two caddies who are the same ladies from his Gangnam Style music video. The camera focuses on the audience members, who all appear really confused and to be suffering from the heat. Tiger Woods rolls his eyes and snickers at Psy, who does not seem intimidated by him.  Psy pulls a gold club from his jewel studded golf bag, swinging it a few times in the air, and then stands ready at the tee. Once more, Tiger is shown laughing at Psy, this time with a friend in a suit. Psy lifts the club for his swing and the music stops. BAM!

The camera focuses on the gasping and shocked faces of the audience members. Their faces are shown in slow motion to exaggerate their shocked responses. One audience member in particular is featured making a very funny and weird face of awe as he follows the ball with his finger. Tiger’s face is also shown looking worried and his fists begin to clench slowly. Psy is shown nodding and smiling as the ball is still flying through the air in slow motion. The next clip shown is of the hole. The red flag is waving in the air and the golf ball lands right in the hole! Gangnam Style starts to play very loudly and the camera focuses back on Psy. He raises his hands excitedly into the air with a huge smile on his face. His caddies begin to jump around excitedly. The audience is shown cheering and dancing to Gangnam style, looking much more lively than before. The silly-faced audience member is shown fainting from excessive joy. Tiger is then featured smashing his club off the grass, crying and having a meltdown.

The camera then zooms in on Psy, who is being handed a Black and white towel that has “Gangnam Golf Pro” written on it. His face takes up the majority of the shot, however the towel is still shown and highlighted as the central focus of the frame. The Gangnam Style music turns down, and smiling, he wipes a single bead of sweat off of his forehead with the towel. Psy then looks into the camera and says, “Whatever you do, do it your way. Signature Personalized golf towels! Dry off like a pro.” He winks in the camera, and the view pans out to a shot of the the hole, entire crowd, and two contenders. The scene is semi-chaotic but very lively and fun.



The product targets men and women who enjoy golf, therefore making this commercial geared toward men and women who golf. This is made clear through the scene’s setting and the involvement of golf extraordinaire, Tiger Woods. In addition, the trendy new pop icon, Psy, is featured in the commercial to attract the interest of young viewers. Psy’s presence in the commercial will capture attention focus of people flipping through channels and make them watch the commercial. Young children will be enticed to buy the product for a parent or friend because it is endorsed by these famous celebrities. The commercial is fun and will be just as catchy as the Gangnam Style song, making it sure to stay in their heads of viewers! The majority of the budget must be spent on paying Tiger Woods and Psy to be in the commercial. I would allot approximately $75,000 to be paid to each celebrity for their participation. The background actors will each be paid $100 for their participation, and there will be a remaining $50,000 left after all the actors and set people have been paid. Setting costs will be very minimal because a sponsor will offer their golf course as a setting for the commercial in exchange for recognition. Similar to the setting cost, wardrobe costs will also be nonexistent due to the support of sponsors. The additional $50,00 will be spent on editing the commercial, and whatever props may be necessary to have on set. Thankfully the commercial is fairly inexpensive to produce.

signature towel, personal towel, monogrammed gift

I hope my commercial spot was able to entertain you! Check out the signature towels website also if you are at all interested by the product, I know I am!

xo Bianca


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  1. Lance Lange says:

    I like it! Very good job Bianca!

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