A big thanks to my sponsors for my great day today,

They call me cookie-monster

I had my hair done in a really fab way,

My father and I had an appearance at 4,

And we’re both a bit late getting out the door,

Sandro styled my hair, he’s number one,

However time was running out by the time it was done!

So we said goodbye to Salon Collage, the best salon around,

And hoped in the truck becoming Cordi Bakery bound!

Signing autographs, taking pics, and eating delicious food,

It would be an understatement to say I was in a happy mood,

My dad, some of the kids and I, at the Cordi Bakery!

The kids were so cute, and they all looked so happy,

It truly warmed my heart (not to sound sappy),

So a big thanks to my sponsors because I had so much fun!

And thanks to those who came out, I appreciate it a ton,

The Cordi Bakery rocks, you need to check it out!

Try the pizza and you’ll know what I’m talking about,

I hope you enjoyed my rhyme, a little something new

This is Bianca, thanking you. XOX

Here we are with the Cordi's, my wonderful sponsors!

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