Typical of me to get caught up in the whirlwind of final exams and not get the chance to blog! Buuuttt I’m back which means I am done exams… WHICH MEANS IM DONE HIGHSCHOOL! That’s right, I am officially done all my classes, AND dance which means it’s time for summer, lounging around, and of course THE PAGEANT.


Handing out programs before the start of the show!

I recently completed my last dance recital which was a bittersweet moment. It was amazing getting to dance onstage one last time with the dance family I have grown up with. Their support means the world! Not only that but I was given the chance to spread the word about my fundraiser coming up (more updates on that coming soon), and hand out programs as the parents entered the theatre!

I have also started up a list of things I am going to be bringing to nationals, and lets just say my luggage will definitely not be small! Can’t wait to keep the countdown going!



PS. Tomorrow you might get to hear more about my fundraiser

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